Mobile application development errors to avoid

The development of mobile applications is a vast market that enjoys the sponsorship of different industries. It has exploded in recent years and this is due to the huge demand from consumers. However, there have been mixed responses to some of the applications developed recently with people who say they have no use for them or have no purpose. There are certain pitfalls in the application development process and some of the things to consider include:

Be ambiguous in support of devices and OS

Ambiguity must be avoided. If you submit a proposal that is not detailed, as a result, your prospect may not be interested in the entire application development process. If you forget to mention something in the development summary of your initial application, it will be up to you to solve it if something comes up. It is important that your application development contract indicates the version of the device and its operating system support. Establish a clear estimate of the development cost of the application and be sure to break it down properly considering the version, the device and the operating system.

Start of development without a formal change request process

It is expected that during the process, the client makes some changes. Make sure you do not stray too far from the planned timeline for the application development program.

Be sure to incorporate a change request process that gives you the flexibility to make changes to the application development program. However, be sure to tell them that making changes will automatically increase the time and cost of development.

Fall into the trap of “reusing old code”

The development of applications for iPhone involves a lot of coding. If your company is a veteran in the Android or iPhone development market, then it is safe to assume that you should have some old codes out there. It is quite tempting to reuse these codes for your new application development efforts, but do not do it. It can save you time and money, but if it has not been specifically designed to be reused, do not use it, otherwise it will only undermine the entire process.

The last thing you should consider is hiring the right developer. Why? The reason is quite simple. The success and failure of your idea depend on it. In the past, I have seen how great ideas have become a garbage application and vice versa. Quick advice before hiring an application developer, ask them about past experience in their niche.

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