Smartphones and Work-Life Balance

In my experience, when it comes to smartphones and the balance between work and personal life, I think many of the pros and cons are about how a person uses a tool like this. As with any other technology, you must first know when to turn it off and you must also set personal guidelines on how you will use the tool or service.

These personal guidelines should also be clearly explained to others with whom you work, this will greatly help to avoid confusion and allow you to respect your own limits.

For example, when it comes to smartphones: sometimes people think that because they have a smartphone with almost instant access to email, they must reply to each message in a matter of minutes, regardless of the day or time of day.

I am in favor of what I would call “work/life integration”, since I think that balance may be difficult to achieve at times, but smartphones and other new communication tools facilitate the integration of work in your life. So, if that means you have to work a little on your vacation, but instead, you can take a vacation that you could not take before, in my opinion, that’s a victory.

That said, I still think it’s important to block time spent away from work, where you can focus on family, friends, relaxation and personal development without distractions or guilt.

I often joke that just because you can work from anywhere does NOT mean you should work from anywhere. This is how I value this issue.

An advocate to work virtually? It would be more accurate to say that Phil Montero is an evangelist for distributed work. It has been the spearhead of the remote labor movement for more than a decade: teaching how to work effectively from a home office, the road or virtually anywhere.

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